Shia LaBeouf Just Had A Movie Script Rejected For A Hilarious Reason


By Britta DeVore | 7 seconds ago

Although he had his chance playing the funny, mischievous and cute Louis Stevens in the Disney Channel Original series, Even Stevens, actor Shia LaBeouf’s life has been anything but cute and sweet. After appearing in several successful films including Disorders, Holesand the Transformers franchise, things took a turn for the actor causing him to develop a less than savory reputation among his peers. And now the IndianaJones The star is making even more waves after submitting her screenplay for a program that seeks to find new writing talent and provide them with a stepping stone to Hollywood.

The Finish Line Script Contest was designed to shine a light on writers around the world and allow their voices to be heard. For an entry fee, scribes are promised that their pieces will be read and judged with the chance not only to win a $1,500 prize, but also the opportunity to meet industry professionals who may be able to help them. help launch their screenwriting career. A contest set up for those outside of the Hollywood spotlight, it was a shock to the team running the contest that an already successful actor and writer like Shia LaBeouf would throw his hat in the ring. Immediately rejecting the Sharp eye star entry, The Finish Line Script Competition took to Twitter to tell the other hopefuls that they were disgusted by the actor’s behavior. The post assured subscribers that LaBeouf’s money had been refunded and his screenplay had been immediately shot down, adding that their mission was to help new writers get their start in the industry.

Shia Labeouf

The script scribe snafu is even more incredible when you take into account that Shia LaBeouf not only had a long and illustrious career in front of the camera, but also behind it. In 2019, LaBeouf wrote the screenplay for honey boy, a story by the actor based on his own childhood experiences and his relationship with his father. The idea of ​​transferring his youth into script form came to the performer while he was tackling some of his inner demons during a rehab program. Initially portraying his trauma as a form of therapy, the film would prove to be a hit with critics after premiering at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival.

In recent years, LaBeouf’s downfall seems to be happening continually with this latest scandal adding just another strike to the actor’s scorecard. While playing together in honey boy, Shia LaBeouf and musician-actress FKA twigs struck up a romantic relationship, which turned out to be a huge mistake for the singer-songwriter. In 2020, FKA Twigs alleged that during her relationship with LaBeouf, she suffered countless experiences of sexual and physical assault as well as emotional trauma. And she’s not the only ex to make claims. Karolyn Pho, a stylist who was also romantically involved with LaBeouf, supported the FKA twigs’ claims saying she also faced traumatic events with the actor. Meanwhile, the performer once again made headlines while filming Olivia Wilde’s feature film, don’t worry darling, when the filmmaker fired LaBeouf from the project after citing “toxic behavior” on set. With yet another offense, it will be a wonder to see what LaBeouf gets into next.


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