‘Showtime 1958’: 5 things to know about the Malaysian film’s premiere on Netflix


Netflix’s library extends far beyond big-budget Hollywood blockbusters. Among its many titles, the streaming giant offers a wide selection of foreign films, allowing you to explore the world of film outside of the United States, with genres ranging from drama to comedy to thriller. The film industry has become increasingly globalized, with streaming services making films in all languages ​​more accessible. In May, Netflix is ​​adding three highly anticipated Malaysian films to coincide with Hari Raya celebrations. Audiences can expect more authentic and compelling Malaysian stories with the release of ‘Kongsi Raya’, ‘Prebet Sapu’ and ‘Showtime 1958’.

Showing exclusively on Netflix, “Showtime 1958” is a visually stunning period film that takes you back to the golden age of Malaysian cinema. The film is a two-hour historical drama inspired by real events, featuring stories set during a 24-hour period that takes place at a crucial time for the Malaysian film industry based in the Jalan Ampas studio which was owned at Shaw Brothers. In it, director P Ramlee hosts a variety show to raise money for fellow artists who lost their jobs before Eid. This historic film also explores the story behind Selamat Hari Raya’s iconic song. The song was written backstage at the Jalan Ampas studio in April 1958 in Singapore, by the legendary P Ramlee and Jamil Sulong. Here’s what we know about the movie so far.


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When is “Showtime 1958” coming out and where can you watch it?

“Showtime 1958” premieres on Netflix on May 3, 2022.

What is “Showtime 1958”?

The film’s official synopsis reads: “The true story behind Selamat Hari Raya’s iconic song (Eid Fitr song) written behind the scenes at Jalan Ampas studio in April 1958, by the legendary P. Ramlee and Jamil Sulong at a variety show they held to raise money for fellow performers and friends who had lost their jobs at the studio.”

Who is playing in “Showtime 1958”?

The Malaysian drama film features Fatin Afeefa, Farah Ahmad, Henzi Andalas and Amai Kamarudin


‘Showtime 1958’ is written and directed by Anwardi Jamil. The producers are Farid Ahmad and Anwardi, and the costumes are sponsored by Couture Classic. Raja Iskandar Raja Ibrahim and Ebby Saiful Ali are the musical directors and Ebby of Ali Setan fame performs the theme song Sayang, which was composed by Jamil and written by Ebby himself.


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