Snoop Dogg Movie In Development With Company Director Menace II


Snoop Dogg’s Death Row Pictures is developing a biopic of the iconic rapper with Allen Hughes, the co-director of Menace II Society in 1993.

A Snoop Dogg biopic is currently in development with MCompany enace II director Allen Hughes. The iconic Long Beach-based rapper originally rose to fame after being featured on Dr. Dre’s 1992 single “Deep Cover” as well as his follow-up album. The Chronicle. Since then, Snoop has released 20 albums and earned 17 Grammy nominations.

By Deadlinea biopic about his life is currently in development with a script by Black Panther and wakanda forever screenwriter Joe Robert Cole and Hughes attached to direct. The project, which will be the directorial debut from his production company Death Row Pictures, will be a rap musical featuring tracks from his extensive songbook. Snoop, Hughes and Sara Ramaker (Growing up in hip-hop: Atlanta) will produce.


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Who could play Snoop Dogg?

Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg hug and pose for a photo.

The pedigree of the people behind the camera on this biopic is beyond doubt. In addition to Society Threat IIHughes has helmed projects both solo and with his brother Albert, including 1995 dead presidents and the 2010s the book of eli, starring Denzel Washington. Cole also has a few major projects on his resume besides the Black Panther films, including the rented miniseries The People v. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story.

However, the question remains as to who is the best option to actually play Snoop Dogg in the film. One of the most prominent options is probably LaKeith Stanfield, who is known for his roles in the 2017 horror film Jordan Peele. get out and the Donald Glover FX series Atlanta. Stanfield, who was nominated for an Oscar for his performance opposite Daniel Kaluuya in 2021 Judas and the Black Messiahpreviously played Snoop Dogg in the NWA biopic Straight outta Compton. This type of retaliation is not entirely new, as recently Caspar Phillipson, who played JFK in the 2016 biopic Jackieplayed the same role opposite Ana de Armas in this year’s Marilyn Monroe drama Blond.

Another option for the role could also be Snoop Dogg himself. While it would be a quirky move for the 51-year-old to play a younger version of himself, it would live up to the quirky sense of humor he’s displayed in his recent artistic choices, including in appearing on the cooking show. Martha and Snoop’s potluck alongside Martha Stewart. The rapper also has extensive acting experience, starring in projects like 1999 Urban threat and 2001 Bones to appearances in films, including those of 2013 Horror Movie V and 2015 Perfect location 2it would therefore not be totally prohibited for him to be considered.

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