SPAWN Movie Gets Back On Track With A Trio Of New Writers


For many years now, since around 2017, Spawn Creator Todd McFarlane has been trying to get a new feature film adaptation of his massively successful comic book series off the ground. We heard that Blumhouse was handling the project. That Jamie Foxx and Jeremy Renner were both on board to perform. That McFarlane himself had written the screenplay and that he also intended to direct the film.

Well, it’s now 2022 and, as you might have noticed, this movie has yet to hit theaters. It seems like SpawnThe journey back to the big screen (the comic was previously adapted in 1997; please see header image above) hasn’t been smooth, but according to a new report from The Hollywood Reporter, he could be back on track!

THR says:

Jokeris Scott Silver, Falcon and the Winter SoldierMalcolm Spellman and rising scribe Matthew Mixom are teaming up on a new script for the feature, which has been in development at Blumhouse since 2017. Jamie Foxx remains attached to star as the anti-hero, who was first introduced once in the comics in 1992, with McFarlane among the film’s producers.

Yes, it’s true: the long gestation Spawn reboot has now Three new writers, including Jokeris Scott Silver and Falcon and the Winter Soldierit’s Malcolm Spellman. The implication, of course, is that they’re starting from scratch, so what does it mean for McFarlane’s plans to direct the movie himself?

McFarlane says:

“If we have a top actor, top producers, top screenwriters, then do you want to shoot for top directors, top filmmakers? The answer is ‘sure.’ our momentum.”

Intriguing! If we interpret the above correctly, it sounds like McFarlane, who would have made his directorial debut with his project to adapt Spawn, can now be happy to hand over the reins of the project to someone else. Maybe even a top director! This will surely be good news for Spawn fans, the majority of whom are presumably eager to see this character get another shot on the big screen, no matter who calls the shots.

Nothing else to report at this time, but we’re curious to see where things go from here. Stay tuned for further updates on the new Spawn as they ride.


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