Spawn Movie Star Jamie Foxx Reveals He’s Seen Concept Suits


A live action Spawn the reboot seems to have been talked about for decades since a sequel to the 1997 version was cancelled. Creator Todd McFarlane has teased the film several times over the years, with actor Jamie Foxx recently sharing some news that could mean the film is much closer to a release than expected.

Foxx was interviewed by if he saw a costume for the movie, leading to a surprising response. “I saw a lot of concepts,” he reveals. “Because Todd, what he does, every day he doodles and he fixes and he does things that for me I think is going to be like a way out when you see him. And how he makes that cape and how this cape becomes almost – I’ll say this – as big as the screen you’re looking at.”

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While it’s unclear how far the new Spawn movie has progressed, Foxx went on to call it “special” and different from the animated series that aired on HBO after the movie. “I’ll tell you this. I’m talking to Todd and the thing is, we want to make something so special because I remember seeing the first Spawn movies and then seeing the HBO versions, so we have something that’s almost like to an original, without giving too much away,” Foxx said.

MacFarlane said he wanted the reboot to be R-rated, which would be reminiscent of 2019’s R-rated release Joker, which became the highest-grossing R-rated film of all time. Recent trends have shown comic book adaptations such as Joker and Deadpool 2 can succeed with the rating, and Foxx thinks those working on the film are ready for their turn. “But it starts off in such a cool way. And it’s not a big budget, you know?” Foxx said. “And that’s what I love about it. It’s kind of like when they did the Joker. The Joker, yes, is there, but the story of this man who was on fire, it’s the same with what we do with it. And so, we’re just like, just doing it right, cooking it right, but staying in touch, keeping the energy and when we give it to you, there’s going to be times when you’re like, “oh man.” You’ve watched everyone fire their shot and now we’re getting ready to fire ours.”

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Further developments are expected at New York Comic-Con in October. Regarding an announcement, McFarlane told CBR at San Diego Comic-Con 2022, “We were debating whether to do a big announcement because we added some stuff to it here in San Diego. So all parties involved, we had the conversation, “Do we make the announcement here or do we wait and keep our gunpowder dry until New York Comic Con?” And we finally said we’d do it in New York.”



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