Spawn Reboot movie script takes time to do right, producer says


Jason Blum, the producer behind horror powerhouse Blumhouse Productions, says the script for the Spawn reboot film is taking a long time to fall into place,

Jason Blum, the mastermind behind Blumhouse Productions, tells the script for development Spawn restarting takes some time to complete correctly. Restarting Spawn has been in the works for years, but it eventually gained ground when Blum came on board in 2017. There are even some big name actors attached to star in the movie, with Jamie Foxx reportedly playing Spawn and Jeremy Renner as Twitch detective. With all the stars aligned, it seemed like the Spawn the restart was finally ready to take off. However, the film still found itself stuck in development with very few updates.


Spawn is based on the comic book series of the same name, which Todd McFarlane created in 1992. It follows Al Simmons, a highly skilled assassin, who is murdered by his deceptive partner and ends up in Hell where he makes a pact with the devil, Malebolgia, to return to Earth where he can see his wife and daughter again. Malebolgia grants Simmons immense power as one of his Hellspawns, and he is sent back to the living world with fragmented memory and horribly scorched skin, rendering him unrecognizable. The success of the comic book series saw her adapted into a movie in 1997, starring Martin Sheen, John Leguizamo, and Michael Jai White as Spawn. The film was poorly received by critics and audiences alike, collecting just 17% on Rotten Tomatoes, and although it was able to double its global revenue budget, it remains the only film to live on. Spawn cinema to date.

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When we talk about the next movie The purge forever with Comic, Blum was asked about the status of the Spawn to restart. Blum was quick to say they were going to do it, but the script takes a little longer to perfect. While his response is vague on the details, Blum’s enthusiastic response should instill confidence in an enthusiastic audience who want to see the anti-hero again on the big screen. Blum said:

“Oh, yeah, we’re going to do it. We’re going to do it. It takes a while for the script to be correct, but we’ll get there.”

King Spawn

Blum isn’t the only one who wants to see the film made, as McFarlane has been talking about the project for years. McFarlane shared his vision for the film being a very dark and tough R-rated film. With the success of films like dead Pool and Logan, it shows that a darker, more mature comic book movie can work, with both critics and audiences alike. The content and storyline of the Spawn comics already lean towards a more mature audience, making the 1997 film’s PG-13 theatrical cut a faux pas. Always, Spawn was successful with an adult animated series that aired on HBO from 1997 to 1999, where the character was voiced by Keith David. This series won an Emmy in 1999 for Outstanding Animated Series.

McFarlane also wants to create a Spawn universe, much like what Marvel has with the MCU. A developing Sam & Twitch TV series will focus on the two detectives from the comic book series, which he hopes to pair with the film’s reboot. While these plans are still in their infancy, if successful, Spawn could become an entertainment powerhouse. As Blum and McFarlane continue to push the project forward, it’s likely that more story details and the subsequent cast will be revealed. We still do not know when the Spawn reboot will finally go into production, but fans can rest assured that great care is taken with the property.

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