STEVE FLORES: ‘Hocus Pocus’ movie casts a spell over Flores’ house | Steve Flores


My utter and utter ignorance that the “Hocus Pocus” franchise had become a pop culture phenomenon reminded me of what a fool I can be and my classmate Molly Flannigan.

In 1963, Molly, who was a hippie before the word “hippie” even existed, turned to me in our English class at Golden State Junior High School and said, “Did you hear the Beatles were coming to America?” Until this time in my life, I only knew one type of beetle. “From where?” I asked. “England,” she said. I thought to myself: why can’t we stop boats or planes with these insects and eradicate them before they land on our shores? What if they infect the grapes, oranges and melons we picked during the summer? How would I help earn money for our family?


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