Sunil Grover to be seen in ‘Jawan’ movie, actor reveals filmmaker’s concern


Sunil Grover (Sunil Grover) There is such a famous comedian who tickles people with his different personalities. Sunil’s specialty in acting is that when he sees it, he lets himself laugh. Sunil is 45 years old but is better known as Gutthi and Doctor Mashoor Gulati more than his real name. Comedian actor Sunil will play a serious role in Shah Rukh Khan’s film “Jawan”. Sunil said in an interview what the filmmaker’s concern was about him.

Sunil does “Goodbye” with Amitabh Bachchan and “Jawan” with Shah Rukh Khan. Sunil said he didn’t want to step out of his comedic image. Just keep getting good scripts and roles. All I want for my birthday is to entertain the public in different roles, be it the medium.

If you continue to receive the check, the family has no problem.
In an interview with Hindustan Times, Sunil Grover said that “even at 45, he doesn’t consider himself to be 18-20 or over 30” and said in his amusing style that this fluctuates daily. Sunil likes to celebrate his birthday peacefully with his family. Because social media posts take up a lot of your time. When Sunil was asked if his family or children thought of seeing him on screen in a woman’s dress, the actor boldly said that “now these people have gotten used to it and until let Sunil Grover’s name be registered. Everybody’s happy.”

We were worried about the image of comedy
On the issue of difficulty in getting other types of roles due to the seizure of Gutthi or the famous character Gulati in the image, the actor said that at first I felt the same. I just did my job and this character became popular, I never thought about its impact. Maybe I was lucky that people liked my other role besides acting. I thank the public. People loved me in the movie ‘Tandav’.

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The concern of a filmmaker on the image of Sunil
Sunil revealed that there were several times the filmmaker said you had a funny image and people started laughing at your performance. But I knew that once I get the chance, I will prove that I can adapt to any type of role. Although I also had my doubts whether people would accept me in another role or not.

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