The 10 Best Movie Remakes That Are Better Than…


According to your sources, there are apparently only six basic storylines in the storytelling. Repetition is therefore only inevitable. Familiar stories reappear, parallels emerge. After all, how many times have we seen a film where the hero struggles in the second act, only to find his happy ending by the conclusion of the story?

In a mainstream film culture that values ​​profitability above all else, repetition has kicked into high gear. Remakes and legacy sequels” to beloved classics perform regularly. Movie stars die, intellectual properties thrive. It’s not like the appetite for those regurgitations isn’t there, of course. Spider ManTom Holland’s third iteration is one of the most successful trilogies of all time – and fans are already making their predictions for when Tom Holland will hang up the suit.

Nonetheless, we don’t have to be completely cynical about the current state of Hollywood. They’ve been remaking movies for almost as long as the camera has existed. The best remakes take the pre-existence of their plot as a challenge. They play with the parameters they are stuck in and discover how to free themselves, reinventing themselves as their own singular works of art. It might not necessarily be an improvement, but there’s always going to be something compelling about a movie that interacts with its own story. That said, here’s a guide to some of the best remakes available.


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