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It’s been a full decade since this fantastic film debuted, and the franchise is still going strong after two sequels. Peacock even currently has a spin-off series in the works. the original Perfect became part of the social fabric through memes, music videos, Anna Kendrick’s viral song “Cup” and constantly repeated quotes.

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In a year full of male-led sci-fi and action movies, 2012’s hit was a breath of fresh air. The combination of a well-written script and the talent of the main actresses made it a huge success. Unsurprisingly, the film holds its own and features many of the top comedic stars who still shine bright today.


Gail drops a Doozy

“Nothing makes a woman feel more like a girl than a man who sings like a boy.”

Even as the opening credits roll during the International Collegiate A Cappella Championship, John and Gail are already commenting on the Barden Treblemakers’ a cappella performance when she drops that doozy. Elizabeth Banks (who also produced the film) and John Michael Higgins set the comedic tone from the start with their hilarious banter.

Neither shy away from criticizing singers and their performances with their seemingly endless knowledge of backing vocals. Their remarks speed up performance and make others laugh. Mostly because – as the two explain – they are a cappella alumni, Gail having been in The Minstrel Cycles.

Bumper Mess with the Bellas

“Seriously, you girls are awesome…awful. I hate you. Kill yourself. Girl power! Sisters before gentlemen!”

The Treblemakers perform in Pitch Perfect

As the Treblemakers leave the stage after a thrilling performance, they come across the Barden Bellas waiting to continue. As Bumper passes, the leader of the male band played by Adam Devine throws this quote at the women. Bumper is very good at causing trouble and that’s why his guys seem to like him so much.

He also likes to turn everything positive into negative. Even when he’s flirting with Fat Amy, he’s still judgmental and rude. If only his a cappella band weren’t so good, maybe he wouldn’t be so disruptive, but Bumper just can’t help himself.

Aubrey’s commitment to A Cappella

“Aca-scuse me?

Aubrey and Chloe smiling in Pitch Perfect

While trying to recruit new Bellas with Chloe – her co-captain and only other remaining member – a very nervous Aubrey utters one of her awesome first phrases. She will continue to invent new ones throughout the film. Although she can be too serious and a bit militant, Aubrey likes to mix up her vocabulary.

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She actually uses this saying throughout the film, most notably when the rental van runs out of gas because Fat Amy forgot to fill the tank. Aubrey’s outrage and frustration grows increasingly endearing as it becomes more apparent how much she truly enjoys singing with her band, especially as they begin to become a close-knit group of friends.

Beca’s reluctance to sing

“I can’t concentrate until you have your business covered.”

Chloe and Becca in the showers in Pitch Perfect

The main character played by Anna Kendrick is an aspiring DJ and reluctant middle schooler who really doesn’t want to join the Bellas. But when she’s cornered in the bathroom by a naked Chloe as she sings David Guetta’s “Titanium” in the shower, she has to admit she can sing, just out of shyness from the two naked women in a cubicle.

Beca’s humor isn’t wild like many other characters, but her sarcasm and quick wit are there if you listen to them. Kendrick does a magnificent job of restraining Beca, keeping her in check as much as possible. Ironically, Beca shines brightest when she sings.

Lilly’s flirtation attempt

“I light fires to feel joy.”

Lilly in the perfect tone

When viewers first meet Lilly, she is so quiet no one can hear what she is saying. The gorgeous actress, Hana Mae Lee, plays the extremely low-key character of Lilly who drops little whisper bombs when you least expect them. After beginning to understand what Lilly is actually saying, the viewer (listener?) will realize that she is not who she appears to be.

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This quote is a perfect example. She boards the decorated Treblemakers bus and sits right behind Donald who is driving. Donald realizes that she is good at beatboxing like him and compliments her. She smiles and then lets out this little truth, which Donald just finds adorable.

Justin speaking his truth

“If I could sing a lick, I’d do it in every human way possible, but I can’t and I hate myself everyday for it!”

Justin and Tommy on stage in Pitch Perfect

During the auditions for the four a cappella groups on the Barden campus, a quickly spotted character utters this quote with great conviction, reinforcing how much people want to be part of these singing groups. Fans will catch Justin officiating the “riff-off” later in the empty pool, but this line is the one that makes it most memorable.

There are many lines like this throughout the movie that you’ll easily miss if you’re not careful. It’s a reminder of how tight and succinct this script is with one-liners popping up even as the action continues to move forward. All the more reason to watch the movie more than once.

Another one of Jesse’s nerdy flirtations

“You’re one of those a cappella girls, I’m one of those a cappella boys, and we’re going to have aca kids. It’s inevitable.”

Jesse turning left in Pitch Perfect

As Beca acclimatizes to college life, Jesse (Skylar Astin) continues to show up everywhere, but it’s not until an a cappella initiation party that Jesse gets a little tipsy and calls Beca out while climbing on rows of seats and makes that wild statement. . That’s when fans start to see a rapport between the two of them and Jesse’s charm really starts to kick in.

Despite being a supporting character and love interest, Jesse isn’t meant to be as funny as the Bellas. He is sweet and kind and smitten with Beca, even though she doesn’t like watching movies. He doesn’t have to be witty or sarcastic when, in the end, his kindness wins out.

John’s honest review

“This song is like an elephant dart in the face of the audience.”

At the regional competition, John and Gail are back with their commentary during performances. The Bellas stick to what Aubrey thinks are the safest songs to get them through, like Ace of Base’s “The Sign.” John and Gail see through them and when the Bellas start singing The Bangles “Eternal Flame”, they call snooze-fest with John’s quote.

Although the Bellas barely clinched a second-place finish, they barely beat the Sockapellas with their sock puppets. Yes, Aubrey is just happy to have made it without throwing up, but they still need to improve their performance if they want to beat the Treblemakers.

Fat Amy fights back

” I’m going to kill him ! I’ll finish it like a cheesecake!

Amy in the perfect tone

Almost everything that comes out of Rebel Wilson’s mouth in this film is very funny. This particular line follows a car burrito toss by Bumper that takes place at a gas station. The burrito splatters Fat Amy as she refuels the Bellas’ rental van.

She comes downstairs muttering, “I’ve been shot.” Her crew rushes towards her and Cynthia Rose tries to give her mouth to mouth. But as Fat Amy recovers, recovers, she gets angry and swears revenge on this food-eating Treblemaker.

Lilly loves excessive sharing

“I ate my twin in the womb.”

Smiling Lilly in Pitch Perfect

As the Bellas finally begin to heal, reconnect, and feel like a team again, they all sit down together and begin to admit some hard truths. Cynthia Rose admits she has a gambling problem. Beca admits she has trouble having close friends. Stacie admits she has a lot of sex. But Lilly wins with the best line played so straight and sincere.

It’s a frequently quoted line to this day and has been repeated and referenced in other movies and TV shows. What adds to its hilarity is the heart-to-heart these characters have to reconnect and the bond is meant to be sincere and earnest. The fine line this film walks between humor and drama is masterful.

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