The 15 Greatest Horror Movie Protagonists of All Time


Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell) is a reluctant hero in the 1981s “The diabolical death.” In this cult film, writer-director Sam Raimi sticks to the usual sole survivor narrative, positioning Ash as a hero by circumstance.

While vacationing in a remote cabin, Ash and his friends stumble upon the dreaded grimoire known as the “Necronomicon Ex-Mortis”. The black magic of the cursed book evokes the darkest and most diabolical entities. One by one, they are possessed by the evil of the book, leaving Ash to survive the night alone…

…until the sequel, 1987 “Evil Death 2.” This second entry in the franchise acts as an alternate version of the first film before entering sequel territory. This time around, Ash is quicker on his feet as he actively battles the undead. When his hand becomes possessed, he saws it off, laughing like mad.

“Army of Darkness” sees Ash reach his full potential as a horror hero. After being transported back to medieval Europe, he goes on a crusade to move the flesh-bound book but accidentally jams an incantation, inadvertently summoning an army of undead from the tomb.

Ash returns to Starz’s 2015 “Ash vs. Evil Dead” series. A sequel to the original trilogy, the comedy-horror finds Ash once again working at a local grocery store and spending his evenings getting drunk. With the help of his sidekicks Pablo (Ray Santiago) and Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo), he is forced to fight evil to save humanity before it’s (still) too late.


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