The creator of Venture Bros. share a look at the movie script


Venture Bros. creator Jackson Publick shares a script preview for the upcoming film, captioned “Long-form Special.”

The Venture Bros. creator Jackson Publick has shared a preview of the script for the upcoming film.

“Things are happening,” Publick tweeted, along with an image of the script’s cover page which is titled “Long-form Special”.

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Inspired by Jonny Quest, The Venture Bros. was created by Publick and debuted on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim block in 2004, a year after the pilot episode. The show ran for 81 episodes over seven seasons, having been canceled in 2018.

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“We would never end the show with one of our characters leaving,” executive producer Doc Hammer said of The Venture Bros.‘dysfunctional end. “We have a character that walks away from the Venture family, which isn’t how Jackson and I think of Ventures. There’s love and family at the heart of it all, and yes [it’s] dysfunctional … but love and family are an integral part of our series. And having someone shift gears and go looking for themselves … that’s not the kind of ending we’d ever write. It doesn’t do me good. “

In November 2020, HBO Max’s Andy Forssell teased more Venture Bros. content, tweets, “Adventure brothers the fans are passionate, but incredibly civil. I have received tons of emails, all of which are short, very well-written, polite notes. Class fans. Nothing imminent, but know that we are working on it. It happened just a month after the co-creators met with Adult Swim to discuss “one final special.” Venture Bros. special would finally be announced in May 2021.

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“There was just a natural instinct to care about continuity and that whatever really happened was going to stay happened,” Publick shared in 2020 while recounting The Venture Bros.unique approach to continuity. “If someone makes a hole in the wall, it’s either fixed or stays in the wall for the rest of the season. Sometimes we renovate a house for a whole season.”

The Venture Bros. The film will be available exclusively on Blu-ray / DVD and digital platforms for 90 days after its release. After that, it will be available to stream on HBO Max and Adult Swim.

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