The Flash Movie Really Needs a Better Multiverse Origin Than Spider-Man


The Flash should present a multiverse that helps Barry Allen’s development in a way that No Way Home didn’t for Peter Parker.

The highly anticipated the flash film has every chance of giving its multiverse concept a more detailed origin than that of Spider-Man: No Coming Home. When the trailer for Scarlet Speedster’s first solo movie confirmed that the movie would connect previously established DC properties, people started wondering how the DCEU would handle representing multiple realities. the flash would be wise to capitalize on that excitement and give audiences a more memorable big-screen multiverse origin than the recent Marvel movie.

Recent DC movies have done a much better job of pleasing audiences and critics alike than they did at the start of the Expanded Universe. Yes the flash Continuing this momentum while providing the connecting point for all of DC’s film and television properties, the DCEU could reach new heights of success and have the opportunity to further deepen the deep lore of the comics. With the presence of a multiverse already a popular device in star trek, the Arrowverse, and several iterations of Spider-Man, the timing is perfect for the flash to portray the idea on a grander scale that ties in more fundamentally to its main character’s arc.


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Although No coming home thoroughly entertained audiences, its straightforward approach to a multiverse intro was a disappointment to some. The film presented the concept of alternate realities without explaining how they existed or why time seemed inconsistent within them. The multiverse was quickly treated as an already understood piece of history requiring no explanation other than magic. While the concept of multiple realities can quickly get confusing, using a magic spell to explain its existence is a bit elementary. It is possible to present the idea in a way that really contributes to the story, becoming an integral part of the main character’s growth. Fortunately, the flash is configured to do just that.

Ezra Miller The Thrawne Reverse Flash FLash Movie

One of the most fascinating scenes of 2021 Zack Snyder’s Justice League was when Barry Allen used the Speed ​​Force to time travel. This not only led to the climactic moment in which heroes prevailed, but it also began to lay the groundwork for the concept of the multiverse in the DCEU. Barry’s ability to time travel is what creates different realities that exist simultaneously. His solo movie may show the Crimson Comet discovering more about the Speed ​​Force and coming to terms with the morality of creating alternate realities. This makes the origin of the DCEU Multiverse a plot element that creates character development for Barry Allen rather than just being a small piece of a huge spectacle as was the case with Peter Parker.

An amazing multiverse origin is also very important to the continued success of the DCEU. The general public already accepts and loves the MCU for everything it presents, including the minimalist multiverse introduction in No coming home. While the DCEU has seen success lately, future success is far from guaranteed. One of the biggest problems was that Warner Bros. has put various DC characters on TV and in movies with no indication of their connection. While Marvel has diligently crafted a universe in which their characters across all visual media somehow co-exist, DC has been much less careful in this regard. Yes the flash features an impressive and gripping origin story for its multiverse, much of the confusion and criticism over past titles could be forgiven.

With five DCEU movies hitting theaters in the space of 12 months, the near future looks extremely bright for Barry Allen and his friends. However, with the MCU and DCEU dipping into the same territory, the former will only be successful if it can set itself apart from Marvel films that share similar concepts, such as with Spider-Man: No Coming Home. To this end, the flash having a multiverse that not only connects multiple DC titles but also contributes to character stories would be a win for filmmakers as well as audiences.

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