The making-of of Night of the Living Dead is in preparation, Greg Nicotero will direct


The story of night of the living dead will be told in an upcoming scripted film about the making of the film. By Deadline, it has been announced that a new making-of of the classic 1968 zombie film is in development by Greg Nicotero’s Monster Agency Productions and Jimmy Miller’s Mosaic. Nicotero is someone who has become a major figure in zombie horror in his own right after directing nearly 40 episodes of The Walking Dead and serving as an EP on the hit AMC series.

Nicotero and Miller also happen to be from Pittsburgh, as is Romero, and the idea for the new film was born at a memorial service for the late director. The stories shared by Romero’s old friends of how the revered filmmaker was able to create one of the most popular horror films in cinematic history on a miniscule budget were very inspiring to Nicotero, as he tells Deadline.


“They really had no experience,” Nicotero said of the night of the living dead crew. “One of the actors was the makeup artist. It was this group that had done some commercials, sitting around saying, hey, we should do a movie. And someone in the group said, yeah, ‘Let’s do a horror movie. They’re still making money. I love that spirit of a group of people coming together not really knowing what they were doing and fighting their way.”

He added, “One of the interesting things for me is that when you watch the film, it has this film noir feel because of the way the lighting is. A big part of that is that they just didn’t have the money to afford a lot of lights. So they created a very unique lighting style for many scenes, which played into the pattern of this night of the living dead is about. Even when they were hitting the prints for distribution, they were using cheap film stock, so there was a lot of contrast. Everything that was black became black and everything that was white became really white. It added to that weird film noir vibe, what’s gonna come out of the darkness and grab me? It was a perfect storm of events with a group that loved working together and rolled up their sleeves.

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Greg Nicotero will direct the film

Greg Nicotero is set to direct the film, which is now seeking writers to craft a script. The idea is to make aEd Wood-style film that shows the heart and character “of Romero while telling the story of a group of filmmakers coming together to make an iconic film, despite having no idea what they were doing. The meta-movie will feature some scenes from the original film recreated in black and white, although the film will be mostly in color, as this will give viewers a better understanding of what it took to put together the special effects – like the use of melted chocolate to serve as blood.

“I put George in the same category as Tobe Hooper or Wes Craven, those rebellious, nonconformist young filmmakers who opposed the system,” Nicotero said of Romero. “George was one of the first to oppose the system. When people said, you have to move to California, you have to be in Hollywood, he said, “No, I don’t”. I have Hollywood right here. He was loyal to his team, to his city, and he continued to make all his films in Pittsburgh. It was another way for George to say, I’ll do it my way. Jimmy and I wanted to celebrate him and our home in Pittsburgh where he made his movies.

The untitled film does not yet have a release date.


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