The Most Memorable Movie Props of All Time, Ranked


A good movie prop doesn’t just give a character something to do, it takes into account the plot. Babe Ruth’s signature baseball from 1993’s “The Sandlot” isn’t unique (people have them in their real-world collections), but without him, the main storyline of this cult classic coming-of-age film wouldn’t. can’t happen.

In “The Sandlot”, shy fifth grader Scott Smalls moves to Los Angeles and tries to fit in with the kids who play baseball in his neighborhood, despite not being very good at it because his beau -father – who loves baseball – never practices with him. The team’s de facto leader, Benny, accepts it anyway, and Smalls has the best summer of his life…that is, until he borrows a baseball from the his father’s trophy room for a simple pickup game. When he hits his very first home run, the ball sails into the court of “the beast”, a supposedly vicious dog who is rumored to eat children.

This unfortunate development spelled embarrassment and misfortune for Smalls. He’s mortified when his new friends find out he didn’t know who the Big Bambino was, and he’s even more distraught at the thought of having to tell his stepfather what he did. The entire quotable final act of “The Sandlot” revolves around the ball and will forever be in the hearts of baseball and movie fans.


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