The script of the parody film “The Masked Singer” makes the rounds of Hollywood


The Blacklist, a list of the most beloved non-produced scripts floating around in Hollywood, has met the biggest series of reality TV contests this year. One of the scripts on this year’s list is simply titled The masked singer and follows what happens after Mickey Rourke is chosen to appear on the series. There are also biopics on Kanye West, Michael Jordan and Transformers director Michael Bay on the list.

The masked singer the script was written by Mike Jones, who worked on Pixar Luca and Soul, and Nicholas Sherman. Mickey Rourke loses his mind after being forced to appear on TV’s top rated show: The masked singer“, we read in the synopsis of the project. The screenplay received 12 mentions from the 375 directors interviewed for the list.

Coincidentally, the real Rourke appeared on The masked singer, causing one of the most bizarre scenes from an already bizarre show. Rourke tried to play “Stand By Me” while wearing a Gremlin costume during Season 4 last year. He became the first singer to eliminate himself when he removed the mask while host Nick Cannon interviewed him. When asked why he did the show in the first place, Rourke said he wanted to do “something different”.

The Blacklist was founded by Franklin Leonard in 2005 to highlight the best non-produced scripts in Hollywood that have yet to be given the green light. The project that received the most mentions from executives surveyed was Cauliflower, a drama by Daniel Jackson. The script is about a high school wrestler competing for a state championship while battling a bizarre ear infection. Fuller Media has already signed on to produce, reports Variety.

Other highlights on this year’s list include Dropout from college, a screenplay on West by Thomas Aguilar and Michael Ballin; Michael Bay: the explosive biopic by Sean Tidwell; and Air jordan, a script by Alex Convery on Nike’s endorsement of Jordan. Another storyline that has garnered a lot of attention is that of Lily Hollander See how they work, a screenplay about a blind mother who lives on a farm with her young daughter and tries to mend their relationship. Yasuke by Stuart C. Paul is also a fascinating project on the only African samurai of feudal Japan. During this time, The masked singer Airs Fox Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET.


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