There are no immediate plans for another movie after DOMINION releases this summer.


Jurassic World: Dominion arrived in theaters to mixed reviews earlier this summer, though those did little to dampen interest in the trio. The film ended up grossing just over $1 billion at the worldwide box office by the end of its run, but with the trilogy now complete, there are plenty of questions about where the series will go next.

It doesn’t look like the core jurassic park Where jurassic world the cast will be back for another sequel, anyway, and Colin Trevorrow has even expressed interest in potentially taking the franchise down the road of R-Rated horror.

As time will tell on this front, The envelope (Going through reports that insiders told them “Serious discussions about greenlighting another ‘Jurassic’ movie have yet to begin.” It’s certainly a somewhat disappointing update, and one that suggests any kind of decision about the future won’t be made until 2023 (or beyond).

Universal Pictures is a studio with only a handful of massively profitable franchises, so we’re sure they’ll be revisiting the Jurassic movies sooner rather than later.

In October, Trevorrow weighed in on Jurassic World: Dominion being marketed as the final chapter of the franchise, making it clear that it hopes to continue telling stories in this world for years to come.

“I never knew it was the end of the franchise until I saw the marketing. These guys are brilliant at what they do, but to me I think it would have been clearer if they had said ‘End of an Era’ rather than all of that.” he said. “Because regardless of the cynical approach – of course, they will want to make more money, which was the goal of Jurassic World – a new dinosaur fan is born every day. Children deserve these films, and young filmmakers grow up with these stories.”

Whether it’s a horror movie, a post-apocalyptic adventure in a world overrun by dinosaurs, or something completely unexpected, we expect more Jurassic movies to come out. It’s a little surprising that a TV series hasn’t happened, though we’re sure Universal would rather focus on those all-important box office receipts for now.

What are your hopes for the franchise in the future?


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