This DC movie is IMDb’s most popular superhero movie of 2021


IMDb has revealed the top 10 movies of 2021 in terms of user popularity, and the most popular superhero movie of the year might surprise you. While we’ve had three Marvel movies (and one more to come) this year, this was actually a DC production that beat them all to take second in the charts. According to IMDb, the best comic book movie of 2021 is none other than The suicide squad.

As calculated by user pageviews, rather than user ratings, the graph is driven by Dune, with Suicide Squad trumps marvel Eternals, which occupies third place. Overall, Warner Bros. Will be delighted with this list because, in addition to owning the top two spots, three other WB films also claim fourth to sixth place: Mortal combat, colleague R-Rated DC film Justice League by Zack Snyder, and Godzilla vs. Kong. Marvel / Disney rounds out the rest of the top 10 with Black Widow (# 7), Cruel (# 9) and Shang-Chi (# 10) with Netflix Army of the dead⏤ again from Snyder⏤ in 8th.

The suicide squad, the standalone sequel to the 2016 origin story for Task Force X, was a big hit with fans, so its high placement on the IMDb chart isn’t too surprising. It reminds us of the huge disparity between its popularity with critics and social media and its box office success – the James Gunn film failed even to recover its budget. It’s probably for the best that the franchise now seems to be sticking to the streaming versions.

After his unlikely survival in The suicide squad, John Cena’s Christopher Smith is back for his Peacemaker New Years TV series, starring Gunn again as a writer and director. Assuming this becomes another big hit with viewers, you can expect Gunn to return for more spinoffs and ramifications in the future.

Pay attention to Peacemaker on HBO Max in January.


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