This movie just smashed Netflix’s top 10 – thanks to Sylvester Stallone


Netflix’s most-watched movies list may hold a few surprises. While it’s often dominated by the Netflix original that just arrived on the service — right now it’s The Man from Toronto — some entries are completely out of left field.

That’s certainly the case with Backtrace, which currently ranks as the fourth most-watched movie on Netflix US. strike a chord with viewers all the same.

What is Backtrace?

Backtrace is an R-rated action movie that follows a bank robber who suffers brain damage in a heist gone wrong. After developing amnesia, Donovan MacDonald (Matthew Modine) spends seven years in a prison psychiatric ward before being forced to escape by a fellow inmate and the ward’s corrupt doctor.

After being injected with a serum that allows him to regain his memory, MacDonald is forced to relive the life he had forgotten. And, to make matters worse, he must also evade a local detective (Stallone) and a hardened FBI agent (Christopher McDonald) while trying to recover the money stolen from the bank robbery.

Oh, and if all that wasn’t enough to handle, the drug also has a number of very dangerous side effects.

What are Backtrace reviews saying?

To be frank, critics weren’t kind to Backtrace when it was first released four years ago. The pulpy action flick currently scores an abysmal 9% on rotten tomatoes (opens in a new tab)and its audience rating is not much better, at 23%.

Among the almost universally negative reviews was one from Leslie Felperin of The Guardian (opens in a new tab)who said, “This whole dreary thing looks like it’s been put through an Instagram filter called Rotgut that makes it all look like it’s been drenched in weak coffee and bile.”

There was a more charitable take of Variety’s Joe Leydon (opens in a new tab)at least, who said “Matthew Modine is outstanding as an amnesiac bank robber in Brian A. Miller’s VOD-centric thriller.”

However, it’s fair to say that if you’re looking for a critical darling, then Backtrace probably isn’t a movie you should be adding to your Netflix watchlist anytime soon.

Should I stream Backtrace?

Backtrace may be enjoying an unexpected surge in popularity on Netflix right now, but that doesn’t necessarily mean every viewer enjoys the film. A quick social media search brings up plenty of Netflix subscribers who agree with the reviews on this one.

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However, the film is also getting high praise from more recent viewers, and its soaring up Netflix’s most-watched movies list suggests that at least some subscribers find something appealing in this action flick. very schlocky. So if you have a high cheese tolerance, or just want to consume something that borders on “so bad, it’s good”, then maybe give Backtrace a try.

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