TikTok hates this piece of Marvel movie


TikTok can’t stop roasting this weird ice cream kids song.

The latest song to be meme-ified on the app isn’t Lizzo’s “About Damn Time” — it’s an ominous Marvel bop Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

In the film’s complicated story, Wanda Maximoff shares a scene with her twin sons, Tommy and Billy. In what was supposed to be a tender and intimate moment between the family, the scene quickly turned comical when the boys sang a duet to convince Wanda to give them ice cream.

“We love ice cream like any kid should. And if we get ice cream, we promise to be good,” they sang out of tune.

The confusing and cringe-worthy scene left viewers embarrassed enough to start a meme.

The meme started when TikToker @realbrandn posted a video calling out the song.

“Wanda-616 goes to steal Billy and Tommy from 838, but then she hears them sing that awful ice cream song and decides she’s fine,” the caption read.

“Me leaving AMC after hearing the worst duet in movie history,” said @42duggerr.

He mimed out of the theater in front of a film backdrop as the ice cream song played.

“Worst song ever,” he wrote in the caption.

“Me erasing my kids from the universe after hearing three seconds of this song,” @atlanteangiorgi said in a video.

“They could have used any other option to get the kids to blackmail Wanda into giving them ice cream but no they decided to torture us with this monstrosity,” @x.abbied.x wrote in a caption.

“My girlfriend watches me during this scene after spending the last four months hype Multiverse of Madness like the best thing since Oreos and milk,” @ohkuso wrote in the text of the video.

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