Todd McFarlane Gives Upbeat Update On Spawn Movie Reboot


Todd McFarlane says that with the success of comic book movies like Venom, it’s now or never to make the long-delayed Spawn reboot movie.

Todd McFarlane gave an update on the languishing Spawn reboot that seems very optimistic about the film’s chances. Spawn is a character created by McFarlane who originated in an Image Comics series in 1992. Spawn, who was originally known as Albert Francis Simmons, is an assassin who was killed but made a deal with the villain Malebolgia who sent him back to Earth as burned. Hellspawn with almost no memories. His Hellspawn powers have limits though and he will be sent back to Hell once he uses them, so Spawn decided to extend his time on Earth to fight evil without wasting his powers. the Spawn The comic has been running regularly since its inception.


In 1997, Spawn was adapted into a film starring Michael Jai White. Although the film doubled its budget at the box office, it was not well received by critics. However, it spawned an animated series, where the character was voiced by Keith David, which ran on HBO for three seasons. Live action Spawn the reboot was announced in 2015, with Todd McFarlane set to make his feature directorial debut on the project. He works in conjunction with horror production company Blumhouse, and the film was at one point intended to star Jamie Foxx. However, the project has experienced crushing delays and it is still unclear if the Spawn the reboot movie is alive and well.

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Recently, Todd MacFarlane spoke with Cold blood to discuss his comic book empire and the future of Spawn. While no public updates have been made recently on the film’s progress, he insists that meetings are still happening constantly, especially as the producers witness the success of the comic book movies. in general, and the Venom movies specifically. He sounds optimistic saying it’s “now or never” and “something will give in the next few months, right?Read his full quote below:

Something is going to give in the next few months, isn’t it? There are too many people pushing in this direction, again I got a call later today on this same topic. You can imagine Spider-Man making a billion dollars and everyone kind of getting… I mean they were already crazy, now they’ve just gone twice as crazy.

I mean they went crazy when the only movies that made money were superheroes and then Venom goes and rocks it and then Spider-Man comes and wipes it out so now they’re almost singular in their state of mind of what kind of ideas they have. So something has to happen. We’ll never get to the top of the mountain if we can’t do it now, with everyone wanting to do it now. Crossed fingers. I would say it’s now or never.

King's Spawn

McFarlane still hasn’t directed a feature film project since the Spawn the reboot has been announced, so it’s clear he hasn’t given up on the prospect. Blumhouse, likewise, has a proven ability to bring about unexpected reboots and crossovers, both in their Halloween trilogy starring Jamie Lee Curtis reprising the role of Laurie Strode, and Glasstheir film crossed between Unbreakable and Split. However, they also unfortunately have a reputation for dropping highly anticipated adaptations, like the long-awaited Five nights at Freddy’s film.

There are probably two major issues to bring Spawn on the screen. First, even though the R-rated superhero projects of Joker for dead Pool for Logan have found success at the box office, studios may still be nervous about the general appeal of an R-rated picture. Spawn film would require a lot of careful risk assessment on their end. If they can fix those two issues, the path to a green light is probably clear.

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