Tom Cruise banned alcohol on the set of new Top Gun movie to keep his co-stars fit



Tom Cruise felt the need for speed in the new Top Gun movie and if anyone wanted to be his wingman, he had to stick to his tough training regimen and avoid alcohol.

Tom Cruise in Top Gun: Maverick

It should be one of the biggest Hollywood movies of the year.

But there were no celebrations during the making of Top Gun: Maverick as the cast and crew were banned from drinking.

Lead actor Tom Cruise put the actors into action with rigorous schedules to ensure they pull off their own stunts.

Co-star Miles Teller said, “There were days after a tough shoot, I really could have had a few beers…but you just don’t want to fly at those speeds with a hangover.”

A source adds, “On most sets, the cast and crew socialize and go drinking, but on Top Gun they’ve been told to party to a minimum.”

Lead actor Tom Cruise put the actors into action with rigorous schedules to ensure they pull off their own stunts

Teller admits he made an exception for a wedding, adding: “The next day I did flight training in 100C heat. It was tough.

Cruise, who starred in the original 1986 Top Gun movie, was in charge of production visuals and was keen to push the envelope and make his on-screen fighter pilots as “authentic” as possible.

The Hollywood superstar insisted that the actors receive fighter pilot training, as well as in-depth technical lessons on how to shoot, light and edit footage taken from 4K cameras inside their cockpits .

Cruise was in charge of production visuals



Cruise wanted the special effects to remain out of place, saying fans would see onscreen “the G-force is real…it’s not a computer-generated image, it’s actually the actors. The aerial footage are magnificent. It’s a love letter to aviation”.

Cruise says putting the film’s talent through in-flight training allowed him to verify that they could withstand the pressure and needs of filming. He reveals, “I told them, it’s intimidating and if you’re not sweating bullets, you shouldn’t be on this movie.”

The American star made sure the ‘impossible’ missions for the stars would come true, even as they vomited for their art – with critics hailing it as the greatest Air Force film of all time.

Co-star Greg Tarzan Davis adds: “It’s a lot of money and a lot of pressure to ‘Don’t f*** this up’. Once we started the jet and I was immediately sick – but I had to make it work. Delicious.

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