Two Point Studios should make Two Point: Movie Studio Next


In 2018, Two Point Studios released its first game, Two Points Hospital. The game served as a spiritual successor to the classic simulation game, Hospital Theme. just like Hospital Theme, Two Points Hospital tasked players with running their own hospitals in a wild cartoon world. They had to battle illnesses like Mock Star and Light-Headedness while managing their hospital’s finances. It was well received and was able to quickly find a fanbase among the simulation genre.


Now, Two Point Studios is gearing up to release its next business simulation game, Two-point campus. It will serve in a way as a sequel to Two Points Hospital and will take players away from the hospital and into college. contrary to Two Points Hospital, Campus will not be the spiritual successor to any title, but rather serve as Two Point’s attempt to apply its style of play to another endeavor. As the release date nears, Two Point Studios is no doubt looking at what it’s going to create next, and it should really consider making a spiritual successor to the 2005 title. Movies.

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What the movies were like

The video game Movies

Movies was a business simulation game from Lionhead Studios, the studio behind Fable. Players ran their own movie studio like a typical business simulation. Players would design their own unique studio and then manage the careers of their various movie stars. They would hire the actors, directors, writers, and crew, then get to work creating their movie. The game would begin at the birth of cinema and progress through the story. As the story progressed, players had to deal with new random events that would change the genres the audience wanted. If their studio made good movies, they could unlock new sets, items, and win prizes.

The joy of running a movie studio was fun on its own, but the real highlight of Movies came with his machinima tool. Players could create their own custom scripts, hire actors for the roles, and then control the action. When the film entered post-production, players were able to drag and drop footage as well as place sound effects, music, and dialogue. After that, players could export their movies and share them with others.

Movies received an expansion pack called Stunts and effects which added stunts, stuntmen, new special effects and more customization options. However, the game did not sell very well and anyone interested in the title cannot download it from any of the major digital storefronts. Players have to find a physical copy at a thrift store if they want a chance to play it, or they have to turn to alternative games like Empire TV Simulator which are not as advanced as Movies has been.

Two Point Studios should make a spiritual successor to the movies

two points campus medieval university

Movies have only gained popularity since 2005, but there hasn’t been a successful movie studio simulation game. Two Point Studios already brought back Hospital Theme by Two Points Hospitalso it makes sense that he could do the same with Movies. The colorful, cartoony world that Two Point has created would work well with a game like Movies.

One of the reviews of Movies was that the simulation elements never came together; it was fun to make machinimas, but the business side was missing. With a spiritual successor, Two Point Studios could solve this problem. Two Points Hospital showed fans of the genre that Two Point Studios can create a fun simulation game while still keeping the business side of things for fans of micromanagement, and Two-point campus can cement Two Point as an excellent choice for simulation games.

Social media has also seen a huge increase since 2005, and one of the major aspects of Movies was the possibility of creating machinimas, this system should be present in the version of Two Point Studios. With the rise of social media, players will be able to share more advanced machinima much more easily. If players wanted to share their videos of Moviesthey had to use the game website, Movies In line. In a new title, it would just be a click away and their videos could be on all major platforms.

Two Point Studios has shown its ability to create fun business simulation titles and worthy spiritual successors. After Two-point campus is out, Two Point Studios should look into Movies for inspiration. With its humorous universe and fun gameplay, Two Point Studios could create the definitive movie studio simulation game.

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