VR movie in the morning you wake up questing


On The Morning You Wake, one of this year’s VR films from the Sundance Film Festival Official Selection, will find its way to Quest headsets next week.

Created by Archer’s Mark, Novelab and Atlas V and published by ARTE France, On The Morning You Wake is now referenced in the Section Coming soon from the Oculus Store and will be available on March 24. It follows the story of the January 13, 2018 incident in Hawaii in which 1.4 million people were warned of an impending nuclear attack.

An SMS message from the Emergency Management Agency read: “Threat of ballistic missiles entering Hawaii. Seek immediate shelter. It is not an exercise.

It was only 38 minutes later that the alert was confirmed as erroneous. At that time, Hawaiians thought disaster was imminent. On The Morning You Wake follows the events of the incident, collecting other people’s stories and reflecting on the threat of nuclear annihilation. Check out a trailer for the film below.

The Morning You Wake Up (Trailer) from archer’s mark to Vimeo.

The piece arrives in three parts, with the second and third installments debuting after the first part at Sundance. The full 38-minute experience is also currently on view at the South By Southwest festival. Pricing for the film has yet to be confirmed.

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