Wareham’s Geena Davis is the original SouthCoast movie star


The SouthCoast has been buzzing in recent weeks with the casting of Finestkind filming in Fairhaven and New Bedford, with sightings of Tommy Lee Jones, Ben Foster and some of the other stars reported almost daily.

This follows Paul Giamatti coming to Fairhaven a short time ago to film Leftoversand many other productions that have hit the South Coast in recent years, such as jungleland and Don’t look up. There’s no doubt that the area is becoming a hot spot for Massachusetts film shoots.

The person the SouthCoast sent to Hollywood is lost in all talk of Hollywood coming to the SouthCoast: Wareham’s own Oscar winner, Geena Davis.

Davis hasn’t been too active in recent years; she starred in the first season of the television series The Exorcist in 2016 – portraying (spoiler alert, even though it was six years ago now) adult Regan MacNeil – and had a run on both Grey’s Anatomy and GLOW.

However, there was a time, from the mid-80s to the mid-90s, when Davis was very prolific, directing films such as Fly, beetle juice, A league apart, cutthroat island and The long goodnight kiss. She won an Oscar for The accidental tourist and was nominated again for Thelma and Louise.

Davis was born Virginia Davis in Wareham on January 21, 1956 to parents Lucille and Bill. The eldest Davises remained in Wareham even after their daughter became a big star, and she frequently returned to town to visit, popping into Mill Pond Diner for tea and toast where she could blend in with the ordinary townspeople that she had known all her life. .

Davis was, by all accounts, a shy and clumsy kid who grew up to be six feet tall while still in high school. She played the piano, the organ and the flute but dreamed of being an actress. After a brief modeling career, her Hollywood stardom began in 1982 after she was cast in the movie Dustin Hoffman. Tootsie.

As her career took off, Davis became just as well known for her love life — she was married and divorced three times, including actor Jeff Goldblum and director Renny Harlin — as she was. for his acting.

These days, she focuses a bit on issues like women’s sports and she also founded the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media to help fight for equality for all genders in Hollywood, s ensuring that one day another shy big girl from a small town like Wareham will have a chance to qualify for the big time and be treated with respect.

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