Warner Bros. Discovery weighs options for its ‘Flash’ movie


Ezra Miller as The Flash in “Justice League” in 2017.

It’s hard to imagine what anyone at Warner Bros. thinks. Discovery/DC Films right now. Probably a mixture of confusion and uncertainty given recent events, which included the unceremonious sending of “Batgirl” to prison for a tax deduction.

So we can reasonably assume that executives (those before and those after the big Discovery merger that rocked DC Films so much) were probably hoping that “The Flash,” which sees Ezra Miller reprise his role as Scarlet Speedster Barry Allen, would a cornerstone to proving that everything is – pun intended – works well.

Alas, that is certainly not the case. Despite a pair of sure hands at the helm (director Andy Muschietti) and some great multiverse action projects and fan-pleasing appearances (including Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck’s Batman double), “The Flash” is in real danger of going completely off the road.

It has a lot to do with Miller’s nearly constant appearance in the news for all the wrong reasons, including the most recent incident, where they were charged with burglary in Vermont and authorities seeking to locate a mother and three children who allegedly resided on the actor’s farm.

In the wake of ‘Batgirl’ being shelved, there are now discussions about how to handle ‘The Flash,’ and according to a new story in The Hollywood Reporter, scrapping the project isn’t entirely out of the question. about, although it is considered the unlikely nuclear route.

Instead, various options are apparently being considered, particularly around Miller’s involvement in the future. They were involved in filming additional (pretty standard for superhero tentpoles) footage this summer, which indicates that Warner Bros. Discovery and DC are looking to keep the movie on track.

Ezra Miller is set to appear in

Ezra Miller is set to appear in “The Flash” on June 23, 2023.

It is said that Miller could seek professional help for their issues once back home, then give a revealing interview which would then lead them to be the focus of the ‘Flash’ press tour to help adjust the narrative.

The second option focuses on the actor not wanting to play this PR game, then being largely absent from press interviews and the studio looking to distance themselves from them, the character being replayed in future films.

And, as mentioned, the extremely unlikely (but still not impossible) option of canceling the movie’s release entirely.

WBD and DC have already poured a lot of money into the movie (more than double something at ‘Batgirl’s level), so it probably doesn’t make sense.

The studio as a whole is more likely to move away from Miller and hand its roles in two major franchises – the DC Extended Universe and (assuming those films move forward) the wizarding world of “Fantastic Beasts” – to d other actors.

Fans have suggested that Grant Gustin, who has played Barry Allen on the CW show “The Flash” since 2014, could be brought in to replace Miller thanks to the convenient multiverse concept. But we highly doubt the studio will bow to such pressure.

“The Flash” is still slated for release on June 23 next year, so let’s see if that holds up.

Ezra Miller at the premiere

Ezra Miller at the Los Angeles premiere of “Justice League” in 2017.

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