What is the Lifetime Suitcase Killer movie about?


Last week, Lifetime launched its Ripped from the Headline’s summer slate with A dirty little secret, starring Melissa Joan Hart. The film centered on the conflict between a daughter and a mother over the latter’s hoarding. This week, we’re going on a ride involving murder!

Candice King stars in Suitcase Killer: The Melanie McGuire Story as the titular character. Mélanie is a fertility nurse who is exceptional in her work. For all intents and purposes, she seems to have a wonderful life. She is married to her husband Bill, who is a Navy veteran, and they have two boys together who she absolutely adores. From the outside, they are the perfect family.

However, all cannot go too well, at least for Melanie, as she engages in an affair with a man named Brad. He is a doctor at the clinic where she works and they have a rather warm and heavy relationship. In fact, Melanie is so passionate about what she has with Brad that she drugs her husband, dismembers him, and dumps his body parts in the Chesapeake Bay via three separate suitcases. At least that’s what happened according to the prosecution.

Melanie proclaims her innocence even as the case stands against her. In suitcase killerviewers will see what could have driven this nurse to do the unthinkable and how the prosecution plans to prove that she is not only responsible for the murder of her husband, but also guilty of one of the most heinous crimes ever committed.

Here’s more about the movie!

Suitcase Killer release date

suitcase killer premieres Saturday, June 18 at 8 p.m. ET on Lifetime. The film will air again on Sunday, June 19 at 12:01 a.m. It is rated TV-14, likely for its graphic content and depictions of abuse. To see the preview, Click here.

Suitcase Killer Cast

  • Candice King as Melanie McGuire
  • Michael Roark as Bill McGuire
  • Jackson Hurst as Brad
  • Wendie Malick as Assistant Attorney General Patti Prezioso
  • Ian Lyons as Judge Devesa
  • Jermaine Rivers as Pickell

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