What Only Adults Notice in the Movie Rugrats


Being an older brother can be tough, as Tommy Pickles learns in “The Rugrats Movie” with the arrival of Dyl. Suddenly, Tommy is no longer the center of attention, as his parents have to wait hand and foot on the newborn and attend to all his needs. Not only that, but Dyl isn’t as fun as Tommy had hoped. The youngest baby steals her toys, constantly cries and embarrasses her in front of her friends. Seeing her distress, Stu has a pep talk with Tommy about “responsibility”, assuring him that his baby brother will change over time.

However, as Stu demonstrates with his brother, Drew, sibling rivalry is something some people never get out of. In fact, the brothers are at each other’s throats for most of the film. Drew criticizes Stu’s ambitions to be a major toymaker, insisting that Stu get a “real job”. Stu resents Drew’s lack of confidence in him and refuses to be a “clock-punching paper presser”. Their feud escalates when Drew discovers his daughter, Angelica, is missing, and he attacks Stu in front of a live news crew.

Family can be a challenge at any age, whether it’s the relationship between parent and child or between siblings. After the babies are found safe and sound, Drew and Stu put their feud behind them and find harmony. At the end of their journey, Tommy learns that being a big brother has its ups and downs. Although he and Dyl may not always get along, they will always be part of the family.


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