Wheat Ridge home sold for $950,000 has a hidden movie theater


Having a hidden room in a house is something that has always been intriguing. Not just for me, but think how cool it would be to have a little hideaway in your house when you were a kid.

This Wheat Ridge home at 6900 West 33rd Avenue has a grown-up version of a kids’ hideout in the form of a pretty epic home theater. Right behind a revolving bookcase, you can gorge on your favorite shows or movies with Klipsch speakers, LED lighting, and a projector screen.

According to the list on Real estate agent, the movie theater was originally designed by the architect as a bomb shelter during the Cold War. The home has been described as a Mid Century Show Stopper with four bedrooms, four bathrooms, and 1,920 square feet of living space on a quarter acre of land. Take a look at the pictures:

Wheat Ridge home sold for $950,000 has a hidden movie theater

This Wheat Ridge, Colorado home has an entire movie theater hidden behind a bookshelf.

Buyers can expect to pay around $495 per square foot of living space for the newly renovated 1968-built home. Want to know more about this mid-century house with a hidden theater? You can see the full list at Real estate agent.

How much will this house cost me each month?

Based on Real estate agentmonthly payment calculator of $5,606 per month. This monthly payment is based on a 20% down payment and a 7.25% fixed rate loan over 30 years. Approximate monthly payment includes interest, principal, taxes and insurance.

Source: Real estate agent

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