Why the movie failed and how the series can do better


Recently, Disney+ announced that they are starting work on a new TV series, an adaptation of the popular fantasy book series, The cycle of inheritance. More commonly called Eragonafter the title of the first book, this joins another of the service’s adaptations of a popular book series that already had poorly received adaptations, including Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

The stories follow a young man, Eragon, who finds and hatches a rare dragon egg, bonding with the dragon and becoming a dragon rider. The ruler of the lands, Galbatorix, is also a horseman, but killed all the other horsemen due to his lack of power and all they did to him. Some of his most elite assassins are sent after Eragon, who must now flee his old life as a farmer and become embroiled in a revolution to liberate the land from Galbatorix’s rule as he and his dragon, Saphira, learn the ins and outs of the outcomes of their lives. bond, their rediscovered magic and how to be such an important figure in the resistance. However, the movie definitely had its flaws, and fans can only hope the show does better.


The negative reception of the film Eragon

By all accounts, Eragon was a box office success. With a budget of around $100 million, it grossed $250 million theatrically — a pretty big payout for something that ultimately flopped. The studio and the director were ready to make a whole series of films to adapt the four books, since Eragon was a New York Times bestseller and launched the career of author Christopher Paolini. The film also received two Saturn Award nominations, one for Best Fantasy Film and one for Lead Actor. However, the reviews and reactions from audiences and critics are what really made the film.

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The film had many flaws in the eyes of the public. Some people took issue with the acting and dialogue, saying it was both stiff and lifeless, falling flat on everyone who saw it, whether they were fans of the original material or not. . Some of its visuals were also criticized, although the CGI was deemed good by some people. The biggest problem, however, was the infidelity to the source material. Many fans struggled to appreciate the many differences included in the film and, for adaptations, how close or far the film can be from the source material.

Fans finished one adaptation and started another

Some of the many differences that Eragon film decided to change books are simple, like appearance changes, which might not have affected the film if they were the only changes. As long as the mark Eragon receives after touching Saphira exists because of its significance, it doesn’t matter what she looks like or where she is. Saphira herself is also different, but still a dragon and still blue, if not duller than she looked in the books.

However, the film encountered many character and plot issues. Arya, Eragon’s love interest in the series, has a cold personality and never really showed romantic affection for him, but the movie completely changed the two. Some other important characters were also changed too much to still have the same later meaning, like Angela, or were removed altogether, like Orik. The plot also changes completely when Galbatorix actually knows the location of all the Elven and Dwarven cities, and tries to kill Eragon and Saphira instead of recruiting them to rebuild the Horsemen under his rule.

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For about 15 years, fans had to accept the single adaptation and its failure, especially knowing that with many of these changes made to the first book alone, subsequent films would have been less and less faithful. Things changed when Disney bought 20th Century Fox, which now owns the rights to The cycle of inheritance. Fans took to Twitter in 2021 and trended #EragonRemake globally, successfully trying to show Disney just how much interest there would be in it. It was helmed by none other than Christopher Paolini himself, who gathered his fans together to all tweet around the same time on the same day, bringing a resounding success and finally announcing the new adaptation in 2022.

The Eragon series already has more potential

The series is already on the right track, since Christopher Paolini is directly involved as co-writer and producer. It will be very hard for the show to go wrong when the original writer is involved, because he knows the world and the characters best. However, there are definitely some things they need to keep in mind as they start working on the series, and it can definitely be helped by keeping the movie’s mistakes in mind. By remembering the plot and what’s important to it, they can make the adaptation feel as true as possible while still pleasing any fans who were angry at the movie’s mistakes.

That the appearances are the same as in the book, the important thing is to make sure that all the right characters are also in the series and in the right way. Fixing Angela and Arya will be important, and adding characters that didn’t appear but are important for future plot points, like Orik and Solembum, will be necessary to make a good adaptation. Each character is important in their own way in the story, even if they only have a small role at the beginning. Bringing the world together the way it was originally written will not only make fans happy, but will make the series a wonderful new fantasy adventure to explore.


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